Who are the potential users of shared e-scooters?

Blog Post By:

Patrick Yutiga

Paper By:

Raktim Mitra & Paul Hess

We're kicking of the 2021 New Year with a brand new publication by our co-director Dr. Raktim Mitra and Dr. Paul Hess from the University of Toronto on e-scooters and its potential users. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Intention to consider using shared e-scooters was explored using data from neighbourhood travel surveys.
  • 21% adults would consider using e-scooters when available.
  • The majority of people would replace their current walk and transit trips with an e-scooter trip.
  • Preference toward trip efficiency, and environment and health-consciousness, were positively associated with potential e-scooter consideration.
  • Perceived walkability/bikability and street safety increased the likelihood of considering shared e-scooter in future.

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Published in the Journal: Travel Behaviour and Society Volume 23, April 2021, Pages 100-107