Post-Doctoral Fellow Opportunity


TransForm Lab at TMU is requesting applications for a post-doctoral fellow position, to support a research project titled “Generating reliable estimates for the GHG emissions impacts of existing and future cycling infrastructure”.


Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), 350 Victoria Street, Toronto, ON.

Host School

School of Urban and Regional Planning.


Dr. Raktim Mitra, Associate Professor.


1 (one) year, starting in April/May of 2024.


$60,000 a year, subject to approval. This position is supported by the Mitacs Elevate Program, as part of a collaboration between the City of Toronto and Toronto Metropolitan University.


The candidate must have a PhD (or a set defence date within the next two months) in Urban Planning, Geography, Transportation Engineering, Environmental Sciences or another relevant area.

Candidates are requested to provide evidence of advanced quantitative skills (including experience of econometric modelling), as well as excellent written and oral communication skills at the time of application.

Candidates are requested to provide evidence of advanced quantitative skills (including experience of econometric modelling), as well as excellent written and oral communication skills at the time of application.


Conducting a scoping review of scholarly literature and publicly available documents/ policy to explore current state of knowledge and best practices in estimating GHG emission-related impacts of cycling infrastructure.

Conducting interviews with city officials in Ontario to understand the current state of practice in the Province to assess impacts of cycling infrastructure.

The development of a proof-of-concept GHG emissions modelling tool, using insights gathered from the abovementioned review and research, and using data that is already available.

Interested candidates are encouraged to reach out directly to Prof. Mitra ( with a cover letter and a copy of the CV. Selected candidates will be invited to participate in an informal interview.

Ph.D. Opportunity


Funded Research Assistantship focused on transportation policy, finance, and economics.

We are looking for a Ph.D. student to join our dynamic research team focused on transport policy, finance, and economics. Through this unique academic-industry partnership, students will have the opportunity to directly inform transportation policy makers through their findings.


Candidates should have: 

a) an interest in transportation policy, 

b) experience with quantitative research based on behavioral principles and 

c) a desire to further develop quantitative methods, such as inferential statistics, econometrics, discrete choice modeling, and forecasting.

Preference will be given to candidates with experience using statistical software packages and GIS.


The successful candidate will be mentored by the faculty project supervisors and is anticipated to collaborate with fellow student researchers in the broader research team. The successful candidate is expected to contribute towards understanding how alternative transportation finance policies affect social and economic outcomes in Ontario. Those include urbanization patterns, infrastructure needs, and fiscal outcomes. At the PhD level, guaranteed funding is expected to be for three years.

For further information on this initiative, please reach out to

Working with TransForm

Dr. Raktim Mitra (Ryerson University) and Dr. Kevin Manaugh (McGill University) are seeking a Ph.D. student, starting in the fall 2022 term. The student would contribute to one or more exciting and externally funded research projects at TransForm Laboratory of Transportation and Land Use Planning at Ryerson University. The Ph.D. student would undertake research in the field of active transportation, and more specifically, urban cycling and shared micro-mobility policy and behaviour. The PhD position may be hosted either at Ryerson University or at McGill University.

The successful candidate will be supported financially through a competitive funding package, which may include fellowships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships. Canadian residents are particularly encouraged to apply. Dr. Mitra is specifically looking for someone who has a keen interest in the fields of transportation and/or healthy communities, who is proficient in quantitative methods and Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and who has excellent writing and communication skills.

About TransForm Lab

The primary goal of this laboratory is to develop and invest in students while examining how existing and novel means of transportation influence urban systems, and how our regions and neighbourhoods shape travel behaviour and human movement.

Potential Research Project

Our new research project titled "Active Transportation Planning and Travel Behaviour Change in a Post-COVID19 Canada,” funded by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) grant will make important, novel contributions to understanding the dynamics of active transportation planning and the potential for supporting desired changes in travel behaviour among the Canadian population. This 4-year research project focuses on municipalities in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, ON; the Montreal Metropolitan Area, QC; and the Metro Vancouver Area, BC. Home to 38% of Canada’s population, these regions are have been impacted the most by the pandemic. The project is a collaboration between researchers at Ryerson University, the University of Toronto, McGill University and Simon Fraser University.


Interested candidates are encouraged to reach out to Professor Mitra ( or Professor Manaugh ( directly by email and send a copy of their CV. In addition, virtual meetings can be set up with select candidates to discuss more details about the scope of the Ph.D. project.